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X9.0.1 Release Notes - April 2023


We are delighted to roll out our new Version Release Notes X9.0.1 🥂 .

The version release notes provide details of the enhancements, and resolved issues in the latest version of the Entire OnHire application. This facilitates us to keep you updated with what’s going on with our products and services.

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April 2023

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In the Casual Application page, the ‘Apply with Seek’ link is now modified to the ‘Click here to Pre-fill your details and resume your seek profile’ link. Click this link to autofill your details from the Seek profile.

New Filters in Client Allocations

In the Client Allocations page of the Staff Portal application, now the new filters are available in the Priority, Office, and Expertise fields to search the required shift details related to Priority, Office, and Expertise .

Shift Match (Cascom) - Client Software Login

In the Client Software Login, the User ID number must be generated in combination with the Software Name (Client Name) and Member name for the shift transferred from Shift Match (Cascom). This User Id (or CUID) refers to a unique identifier associated with the member that ensures each shift detail is sent with this distinct identifier that helps to track or identify specific shifts.

In the Member App, when the member accepts the shift transferred from the Shift Match, the CUID for this shift is shared with the Shift Match (Cascom).

Client Software Login for Member

To generate the Client Software Login for the Member:

  • Click Client Software Login from the Member Menu, and the Client Software Login for Member opens

In the Client Software Login for Member page:

  • Select the Software Name, Member

  • On selecting the member name, the Member Name and Member’s Qualification are automatically populated at the top of the page

  • Now, provide the valid User Id number

Note that this User Id will be passed as the CUID for the member against the selected Software Name with all other relevant details.

  • Click Submit, and the message 'Request is successfully inserted' appears. The CUID is generated for the selected Software Name and Member

External Software Integration

Before generating the User Id (or CUID) in the Client Software Login, the first step is to Add New Client Software as ‘CASCOM’ in the External Software Integration of the Member Master.

Add New Client Software

To Add New Client Software:

  • Click Masters Member MasterExternal Softwares Integration

  • Click Add New Client Software

  • In the Add New Client Software Details, provide the Sofware Company (as CASCOM), Sofware Name, Software Description, Contact No., Provider ID, User Name, Password, and Client Name

  • The Software Name should be correctly mapped with the available list of Client Name

  • The Status should be Active

  • Click the tick icon, and the new client software is added

Note that this newly added Software Name will appear in the Client Software Login page in the Software Name drop-down.

For more details, click the link here.

Edit Shifts in Client Allocations - Flag Based

Now, editing of shifts is flag based in the Client Allocations page of the Staff Portal after the Status of shift is ‘Timesheet Submitted’. When the ‘Allow editing of shift with status as ‘Timesheet Submitted’ flag is set to ON by the Entire OnHire Team, the user will be able to edit the single shift, multiple shifts, and booking ratio shifts with the status of the shift as 'Timesheet Submitted’ .

By default the ‘Allow editing of shift with status as 'Timesheet Submitted’ flag is set to OFF and the user will not be allowed to Edit Shift details with the Shift Status as Timesheet Submitted except the Order No. To set the Flag to ON, please contact Entire OnHire Team.

When the ‘Allow editing of shift with status as 'Timesheet Submitted’ flag is set to ON:

  • Users can edit the shift with the Status as Timesheet Submitted for a single booking.

Users can edit the shift with the Status as Timesheet Submitted for Multiple Shifts.

Users can edit the shift with the Status as Timesheet Submitted for a Booking Ratio.

Resolved Issue

We are constantly working to improve our Entire OnHire Application and have resolved the following issue for you .




Infection Control in Professional/ Client Portal for the New Bookings.

In the Client/ Professional Portal, the Infection Control impacts the shift allocations for the new bookings and shows a confirmation message while allocating/ accepting the shifts for the selected members from infection to non-infection and vice versa.

  • When the member is already assigned/ booked in a Non-Infection Shift and the client tries to allocate the Infection Shift or vice versa, the client will not be able to allocate the shift to the member.

Refer to this link for the detailed feature in the Advanced Infection Control document.



We have incorporated the enhancements, and fixes to provide you with a delightful user experience . We would love to hear back from you about your experience with our products or services. Please drop your suggestions and feedback at feedback@entiresoftware.com.


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